Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Sock Problem

There is an age old question - Where do all my socks go? I'm not even just talking about half of a pair, I'm talking about whole pairs of socks! I really don't think the dryer is to blame, but how am I misplacing so many of them? Especially my running socks. That is the upsetting thing. I don't have enough of them to be losing them in abundance.

What all this talk about the mystery of the disappearing socks is about is that when I went for a run the other day, I had no running socks, so I was forced to use regular cotton socks. I mistakenly thought I wouldn't really notice a difference. That just showed me how little I really know about running.

How did I used to run in regular socks? After two seconds of running my feet felt like ovens. I figured the socks would just burn away at least, but instead they just got soaked with sweat, making them even more unbearable. I was aware of them every single stride of my run. Where does the sweat usually go? My socks felt heavy and uncomfortable. It really makes a difference. I am not even exaggerating. Thankfully this was not a long run. I could feel the blisters waiting to form.

I am not making that mistake again. Solution - get more running socks. Wash them by hand so as not to lose them? Nah, not that worried.

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