Thursday, September 18, 2014

Change Your App Settings Please

You know what I'm really getting sick of? People posting their runs on Facebook. I am all for using apps to track your runs, but do the rest of us need to see every run you do? If we are really friends, it can come up in conversation and that's fine with me. Brag away. As for my only-on-Facebook friends...I don't care. Stop it.

First off, you might just be unable to turn off whatever automatic posting option there is on your app. I don't know how that's possible really. Have someone smarter help you. Why do you want to tell the entire Facebook world you ran a mile and a half anyway? Come on. I'm very impressed that you started running. Write an interesting snippet about your run. Comment on your new running shoes. Post a picture of your run. It's just the stupid mile count and map that annoy me. Stop it!

Secondly, it's probably actually you just bragging to the world that you are more fit than the rest of us. Think again. Just cause we don't post every run doesn't mean we aren't working out. In fact, we are so busy working out we aren't even on Facebook anyway. Well, not me, actually, I go on Facebook quite frequently. But I don't feel the need to update everyone every time I go outside to do more than walk to my car. And if I didn't run, I would be especially annoyed that you were rubbing my laziness in my face with your pathetic mileage! STOP POSTING ALL YOUR RUNS!

Just stop.

We don't need to know, and we don't care. Go find people who do, and tell them in person. Post a picture of your running outfit, or of you holding a medal (just not at the end of a mud run please, so sick of those...have you read this post?). By the way, I ran five and a half miles this morning. That brings me to 45 this month. #hypocrite

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