Sunday, September 21, 2014

Unless You Want to Pay Me to Babysit...

I've come to realize that running at the track in the morning is a little better than at night. Less people, and more of them seem to be rule followers.

The best thing. No kids. There haven't ever been any kids at the track when I go at 7am. When I go at night it's a whole different story. All of the sudden the track is a playground. It's one thing if a kid is walking with their parents - and by with I mean right next to them, in one lane. Different story if it's a kid or several kids just running wherever they want. The first thing has never happened. No kid at the track just is appt to run in a specific lane for several laps. Instead it's a kind of pandemonium.

One scenario is kids going around the track, kind of running across all the lanes. They fall behind their parents (who are sauntering slowly in the middle lanes), then run to catch up. There's lots of yelling and general loudness coming from them - from the kids and the parents usually. Not one of them seems to be aware of anyone else using the track. They drift into my lane right in front of me, and I'm forced to dodge around them while I get glares from the parents. I'm not going to step on your kids. Not if I can help it at least. Not yet anyway.

Another occurance is kids playing with toys on the track while their parents stand nearby. At least the parents are within range of them, I guess. These kids are playing with little frisbees, and none of them have good aim, or they aren't trying to have good aim. There are so many frisbees, and they are just everywhere. Again, the kids don't pay attention to anyone else. They don't stay in one place, I mean they're kids. I can't seem to avoid them no matter which lane. At one point I was forced to weave through them! I'm not sure I can explain it. Don't they have a yard near their house or something?

Keep your kids out of the way, or at least teach them to be aware of their surroundings. Please. Although maybe the parents can't teach what they don't do themselves...

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