Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just to be Clear

I'm not a professional runner. Not even close. I'm not even a particularly good runner. I don't have a lot of races under my belt. I've never run a marathon. I still don't really understand what a fartlek is.

So why am I allowing myself to be so stuck up about running? Because I can. Yup, I'm gonna use that cliché expression. If you continue reading this blog, you'll probably see a lot of that.

When I am running, I find my mind wandering to many different things. Sometimes I wish I could do some sort of running meditation. Run with a clear mind. That hasn't happened yet. Instead, I notice a lot of rather annoying things. I want to say something about them. I know that I can't change the way things are, and I don't even really want to try. I like to complain. I like to bitch about people running the wrong way on the track. I'm a snob. A snob who occasionally runs.

I only really got into running less than ten years ago. It was all thanks to a friend, and the fact that running is a stress reliever that can include loud music. I tend to run alone. I race from time to time for fun, but I'm not especially fast, and I'm not looking to place (although I wouldn't mind). I like work out clothes. I love shoes. I'll probably talk about those things here.

I'm not sure whether I really care about other people hearing or reading my opinions. My opinions aren't that important in the scheme of things. I just like writing them down. When I run, I compose pieces of writing in my head, and sometimes I'm sad that it never goes past that. At the end of the run, they disappear. I never put them down on paper. Lost words. Maybe that can change here. I'll say what I need to say, and maybe, what you want to hear.

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