Tuesday, September 16, 2014

If You Were Me for a Mile or Two

ughhhI have a goal this month to run 75 miles. I'm determined to achieve it. This means that I can't let myself rationalize skipping too many days. One time I read a funny article about the thoughts of a runner (Here it is!). I thoroughly enjoyed it, so after my run this morning I am inspired to give it a try...

- Ugh I don't want to get up.
- I still have that cold. Need more sleep!
- It's raining. Great.
- Maybe I'll just skip my run today.
- No. You didn't run Sunday or yesterday. Get up!
- I should wear a hat, why don't I have any hats?
- It's raining pretty hard.
- Can my cold get worse if I run in the rain?
- Maybe I should go back to bed.
- Sweat out the sickness! SWEAT IT OUT. No more procrastinating!
- Alright I'm running in the rain. I must look so awesome. Who runs in the rain? Only the best runners , that's who.
- This hat sucks. It won't stay in place!
- Wow the rain is still hitting my face, stupid hat.
- This isn't too bad. All the cars passing must be so impressed with me.
- I'm so badass running in weather like this.
- It's not that bad actually.
- Really? You're gonna make me run in place in the rain while you slowing go through the intersection? Thanks buddy.
- My hat is soaked already.
- I need to fix my hat again. Stay in place hat!
- Running through puddles is fun!
- Maybe I'll jump over the next puddle.
- Wait a car's coming, no jumping.
- I must look like a wet dog now.
- How long has it been?
- Not even a mile. Alright I'll do two miles today.
- My nose is running. I'm so gross!
- I need to fix my hat again. ughhh.
- Stepped right in that puddle. Oh well. Almost done...ish.
- Running in the rain wouldn't be so bad with a better hat.
- Almost done, almost done, almost done.
- I really am almost done! Half mile to go!
- Let's do this...POWER SONG!
- Forget the hat. I'm never wearing it again.
- I'll go buy a hat just for running.
- I wonder how much a running hat is?
- Imagine a hat going for a run...what would hat legs look like?
- There is no one else running, I am such a pro.
- A soaked pro
- Why won't my earbud stay in now?
- Just a little bit left! Sprint!
- Earbud! Stop falling out!
- Breathe evenly...Breathe in...Breathe out.
- I can see my house!
- I can't wait to take this hat off!
- Done! Made it! I'm so awesome!

Well essentially... that's what I was thinking. Just reread it. I am awesome.

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